• Ag Commissioner Gary Black details why he entered Senate race

    Gary Black

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Georgia Agricultural Commissioner Gary Black (R) spoke about the importance of the Republican party retaking Senator Raphael Warnock (D)’s seat in 2022. “They (President Joe Biden and Warnock) said they want to fundamentally change America. I fundamentally object to that,” Black stated before listing the rising gas prices, Middle East conflict, and […]

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  • Illegal immigration: Georgia’s Gov Brian Kemp rebuked by metro-Atlanta county Republicans

    Written by D.A. King. Cobb County Republican Party passes resolution in special meeting We are informed that metro-Atlanta’s Cobb County Republican Party has passed a resolution rebuking Gov. Brian Kemp (R) for his silence on Georgia’s illegal immigration crisis. “Governor Kemp has betrayed President Trump, pro-enforcement voters, and since becoming Chief Executive has defiantly ignored illegal immigration […]

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  • Georgia’s ballot audit case looks to move forward on Friday

    Garland Favorito ballot audit

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Garland Favorito outlined the progress of VoterGa’s legal case to uncover potential voter fraud in the 2020 election. Favorito’s a co-plaintiff in the VoterGa lawsuit to examine147,000 ballots from the November election. In March, Henry County Chief Justice Brian Amaro granted the organization access to digital ballot images. Favorito and company have […]

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  • Short Takes: Does it Make a Difference?

    Written by: George McClellan Creeping Socialism, like weeds in a flower garden, so embedded itself in American politics when we weren’t paying attention that the question must now be asked, does it really make a difference what party takes the reins in 2024, all things given? Will we be forced to submit and allow evil […]

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  • Happy New Year!!!

    We know this year has been a tough one. But we are here to tell you 2021 is a new year and hopefully a better one! Happy New Year from all of us here at FYN!

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  • DPH Release – Expanded Testing For COVID-19 In Georgia

    Revised Testing Criteria and Increased Number of Test Sites Atlanta – The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is increasing the number of specimen collection sites statewide for COVID-19 testing, and is revising the current testing criteria to accommodate more testing of Georgia residents. Effective immediately, all symptomatic individuals will be eligible for COVID-19 testing. […]

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  • The Weekly Word

    Pastors who follow the teachings of Jesus are actually sub-shepherds of the Good Shepherd. Sheep are inherently dumb and need a leader to keep them safe. A few church pastors have chosen to disregard government orders, conducting services that expose members to a deadly disease. Jesus cared deeply for people and warned them of pending […]

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  • Ask the Doc! Flattening The Curve

    ask the doc

    BKP asks Dr. William Whaley and Dr. Steven Marlow their prediction on this virus. They mentioned how you can slightly see with the prosecutions put out how the curve is flattening. It is very important, they state, that we continue doing those thing, such as sanitizing our hands, wearing masks and social distancing to continue […]

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